Mail Box

12cm x 12cm

pencil on paper, digital colouring

In the early stage of the protest, protesters started to sleep in the streets with tents, blocking areas around the government headquarters, living to the realities of long-term protest. I put a letter into this occupied mailbox with my address and stamp. The letter is not yet delivered after 3 years.


12cm x 24cm

pencil on paper, digital colouring

Numerous rumours circulating around during the protest. The "Stage power" of the biggest political party was being challenged and more organisations with alternative political options were formed by then. 


14cm x 19cm

Ink on paper

Many protesters were arrested in the police clearance operation at the Mong Kok encampment. There was blood everywhere and they got a really bad beating. “democracy yellow” as the colour became the symbolic colour of this pro-democracy protest.


14cm x 19cm

Ink on paper, collage

Protesters started the “Shopping Revolution” by pretending to shop in busy districts, watching the same movie trailer on the outdoor giant screen of a cinema in order to occupy the street and wear out the police force.

Yellow Series

This series of drawing as made during the biggest sit-in street protest in Hong Kong in 2014, documented the early, middle and final stage of the protest in serial order.

Umbrellas and shoes

30cm x 40cm

Ink and watercolour on paper

Hundreds of shoes and umbrellas were left after the clearance operation at the last encampment, 15 December 2014, the 81 days' protest came to an end.

© 2019 by Kinchoi Lam.