Monoprinting, digital collage

42cm x 29.7 cm

Selected for 2020 Illustrator Exhibition of Bologna Children's Book Fair

Protesters in Hong Kong use "dreaming" and "sleepwalking" as code words to arrange public gatherings as means of avoiding the unwanted attention of the authorities. In Hong Kong, public assemblies are governed by the Public Order Ordinance. An assembly can only be held if the police do not prohibit or object to it, otherwise it will be considered an unauthorized assembly. At this time, almost all public gatherings have been rejected by authorities and thus deemed illegal.


Back in June 2019 I was experimenting with print making in Cambridge when the initial protests broke out in Hong Kong. I was transfixed by the scenes being live streamed from my home city. I felt utterly powerless and could not focus on my work. After a week of depression, I began to use mono-print to draw the images I saw on the news. I transferred my emotions through the print making process to create artworks that act as a response to the unrest in Hong Kong. By making these prints I felt I was one step closer to my friends back home.

© 2020 by Kinchoi Lam.