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Nomads: Life on the move

Monotype and digital collage


Format Hardback: 72 pages

Dimensions: 210 x 300mm 

Publication date: October 2022

Publisher: Cicada Books

Publication City/Country: United Kingdom

Language: English

Available to purchase online

Once upon a time, all humans were nomadic. Today, our houses, cars and modern conveniences keep the natural world at arm’s length. But some nomadic cultures have managed to survive the twists and turns of histories.They herd their cattle across Arctic tundra, or follow ancient trade routes through the Sahara Desert.They travel light, living in temporary structures that are easily dismantled.They have a deep understanding and respect for the environment they inhabit; looking after it so that it can look after them.

This book looks at seven nomadic cultures today; from the Nenets of Siberia to the Yanomami of the Amazon rainforest. Their lifestyles and traditions offer a window on a simpler way of living; one that can connect us with ancient human history and with this planet that we all call home.

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