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The Sky In Maidstone Road

【About Exhibition】

What can one do when facing the housing problem in Hong Kong? Perhaps we can learn from the past and learn from the present, with the experience of the civil servants’ cooperative building societies in Kowloon City which last for more than half a century. This scheme expands our imagination and recognition of current living quality and lifestyles. The civil servants’ cooperative houses were planned in the 1950s, spreading all over the Kowloon City District, located in Kau Pui Lung Road, Maidstone Road, Chi Kiang Street, Kiang Su Street, Shing Tak Street etc., witnessing the development of Kowloon City District and Hong Kong's policies during these 70 years . By discovering the historical archives and photos of the scheme, collecting residents' stories and sketching the beauty of the neighbourhood, this exhibition aims to reflect on and respond to the development of Hong Kong with archives and art works, hence seeking the power to facilitate the future.



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