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Journey to Mars

Monotype, screen printing and digital collage

Selected for The White Ravens 2022

Selected for 2019 Golden Pinwheel Young Illustrator Competition of Shanghai International Children's Book Fair


Format Paperback: 32 pages

Dimensions: 238 x 195mm 

Publication date: June 2021

Publisher: Cotton Tree

Publication City/Country: Hong Kong

Language: Traditional Chinese

Available to purchase online (in Chinese)

It is a big day for Joan and Hector! They’ve been selected to be the first animals to travel to Mars!

Their rocket leave the earth with a speed of 7,900 metres per second, they begin the solo journey of 54,600,000 kilometres. They are going to spend 270 days together before landing, what can they do in these days? 

被人類徹底佔領的地球, 對動物來說已不宜久留。 如果繪本裡的安和卡卡真的像童話故事裡的人物那樣, 會思考也會說話,為了下一代著想, 他們一定也會部署移民吧? 單程的宇宙飛船, 正以每秒7900米的速度衝出地球, 長達56000000公里的旅程 開始了……

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