Journey to Mars

Monoprinting, screen printing and digital collage

42cm x 17cm​

Selected for 2019 Golden Pinwheel Young Illustrator Competition of Shanghai International Children's Book Fair

It is a big day for Joan and Hector! They’ve been selected to be the first animals to travel to Mars!

Their rocket leave the earth with a speed of 7,900 metres per second, they begin the solo journey of 54,600,000 kilometres. They are going to spend 270 days together before landing, what can they do in these days? 

The idea is inspired by a trip I travelled to Morocco and Sahara Desert. Spending a lot of time on the road, it even took 8 hours of driving from one attraction to another, I found that the journey of waiting and expecting is more interesting and precious than the final destination, then I started sketching inside the moving car and capture the landscapes outside. I want to create a story about a 9-month journey traveling from Earth to Mars, focusing on the journey in the spacecraft instead of the activities after landing. How do we spend time while waiting and expecting something unknown? what can we do when we are alone in the space?

© 2020 by Kinchoi Lam.